I’ve been drinking for an hour now.
It’s just me and my neighbor’s dog.
Does he think in English, or in dog noises?

The smell of books. Yes.

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Nicknames make everyone more personable:

Barack Hussein Obama —> Barry

Rafael Edward Cruz —> Ted

Carlos Ray Norris —> Chuck

Anthony David Weiner —> Carlos Danger

Well, almost…


David Edelstein reviews “The World’s End,” the third flavor of the “Cornetto” trilogy from writer-director Edgar Wright and actor-writer Simon Pegg:

But they’re still lowbrow and fun! The last half-hour of The World’s End is one killer set piece after another, the action brilliantly staged and shot in Wright’s syncopated percussive hyperbolic style. The all-star cast is perfection. The ending is antic yet somehow judicious. Those wise fools Wright and Pegg have made the year’s most uproarious movie.

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We’re easing into Monday…

A couple leaves their jobs to build a house of windows in the mountains of West Virginia.

Watch the video here

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If this can’t make you smile I don’t know what will. 

If this can’t make you smile I don’t know what will.